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I'm a writer and collector of midcentury design: if it was made between 1930 and 1965, chances are I love it.


Born in 1966, I grew up eating cake in Edina, MN. I graduated from Yale University, where my more famous classmates included Paul Giamatti (I remember him being nice and a great actor even then), Anderson Cooper (I never met him) and Daryl Hannah's sister (she kissed me once). By day I work for the Guthrie Theater as Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving. My dog Angus often comes to the office and sits in my visitor chair, looking out at the Stone Arch Bridge. I have a passion for mid-20th century design, especially work by Russel Wright, Eva Zeisel, Charles Murphy, and Ben Seibel. I can serve you dinner on one of about 40 different dinnerware sets.

People often ask me about my name. This is what I usually tell them:

My name is Antay. It’s a made-up name. My father was born in Istanbul, and his name was Aydin (EYE-din). He came to Minnesota in 1957 to study medicine. My mother came from Hamburg. Her name is Antje (UNT-ya). She moved to San Francisco in 1964 to be near her aunt and to work as a translator for Bechtel Corporation. One day, my dad was in San Francisco for a medical conference. He met my mom in a bar called the Red Garter on Union Street. My name is a combination of the first syllables of their names. Ant. Ay. Antay (AHN-tye). They used to tell me it means “bold colt.”